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Hate to post back to back threads but I have to compliment Grand Strand Nissan of Myrtle Beach.

This summer I was down at MB and my fuel pump went out. Being 3 hrs away from home, this obviously wasn't a job I'd be able to do myself.
I barely got the truck there around 3pm, went inside, the lady at the service desk was very polite and understanding, realizing the sense of urgency in which I needed my truck back. They didn't have the pump in stock but overnighted it (fortunately, I had a friend that was already down at the beach and picked me up). By 10am the next morning, the truck was ready.
Got there and she informed me that my truck had two recalls on it, the a/c fan wiring harness and the flex fuel sending unit. They fixed the wiring harness recall but didn't have the sending unit in stock, but she still cut off some of the labor costs since they didn't have it. I had nothing but good luck with Grand Strand. The service desk lady was extremely polite and understanding, everyone was knowledgeable, etc. A few weeks after I got home from the beach, i got a card in the mail from Grand Strand Nissan....I figured it'd be an advertisement, needless to say it was a handwritten thank you card, thanking me for choosing them and telling me they hope the rest of the trip went well.
If you live near Myrtle Beach or are ever down that way and need great Nissan service, I'd HIGHLY recommended Grand Strand Nissan.
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