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Hello All!

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Just wanted to say hello, and welcome to all the new guys I see signed up! The forum has a nice set up and look to it, so lets see if we can get this thing going with some posts!
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BiXLL, good luck to you and this site. I hope it really takes off.
Good to meet you all.
NDJollyMon said:
Good to meet you all.
Welcome abourd man.
Howdy y'all!

Nice site layout.

m4ck, it appears we have twin trucks. Is yours a 4X4 too?
Hiya Geo! Glad to see ya stop in. I am also a fan of the site layout, we just need for some guys to keep returning, and posting. Hope to see much of you. :D
Nope not 4x4 wishing now I had gotten a 4x4 but too late now. Maybe the next one. Just didnt think I needed it but I have been wanting it since I bought this truck. OH well
Talk about an old post... Lol.
where did you find this relic of christmas past
boy you guys are digging to bring these back out.
Some people must have a LOT of time on thier hands.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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