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Hello everyone !

First off, thanks for reading this. I am stuck! I hope that someone can please help me. I will be as clear and precise as possible in the post since I want the best help and want to make it easy for people reading to follow.

First off, I have a 2012 titan crew cab 4x4 without the Bose system. Originally i had the 6cd changer in the dash but then i switched out the head unit with the Kenwood DDX376BT . This drastically improved the sound with the stock speakers and I was happy.

Fast forward a year later and I decided that i wanted to upgrade my internal speakers. I did not purchase an amp or a sub but just replacement speakers for the truck since it seemed like one of the tweeters blew and it kept making a hissing and crackling noise past a certain volume level. I did some research and then decided to get 2 pairs of this for both the front and back doors- JBL 602CTP with the crossovers. Crutchfeil recommended this.

I got the wire harness and all of the extra stuff that Critchfield recommends and tried installing. Now this is the part where I am lost. Please let me know where I went wrong :

1. I wired the front speaker by itself to the original wire harness with the adapter that came from Critchfield. No crossover was added to the front speakers since I wasn't sure how to wire the front speakers into the crossover and since the tweeters for the truck is on the dash I didn't want to run a length of wire all the way there plus I did not have a good idea on how to run it easily.

2. For the rear speakers - I connected both the positive inputs (I assumed that it was the white and black striped wire vs just the solid black wire which i assumed was negative) from the woofer speakers harness and the tweeters harness together. I fastened them in the positive slot of the Crossover since it only has one positive input slot.

3. I also did the same steps for the negative wires (which i assumed to be solid black wires) from the woofer and tweeter harness. Both the negative lines were connected together and went into the negative slot on the crossover. I am not sure if this is the correct way to do but my research on crossovers aimed me in that direction. It seemed to be the most logical step. I made sure that none of the positive and negative wires were touching in the crossover input area as when they accidentally touched, i heard hissing noises and static. At low volume when i tested everything it sounded great with no white noise or crackling. although this was at maybe 40% max volume since i did this install at night.

4. I taped up everything, did a light test with volume extremely low and everything sounded great once again. I made sure all wires are connected properly to the best of my knowledge but I am dealing with 1 issue that I hope that i can solve.

Whenever I turn up the volume to about mid way, There is crackling and popping from all of the speakers, whether it be tweeters on the dash or the rear or other factory subs in the front and rear. I made sure to secure the wires as best as possible, made sure that the crossovers are connected properly and was patient. Is it possible that i missed a badly secured wire ? Is it my head unit that cant handle these new speakers or is that i need a dedicated amp since these are Component speakers with passive crossovers ? Is it that the tweeters by the dash not able to handle the music since they are not connected to a cross over ?

What do you guys think that the problem is ? I would love to figure this out since i spent all day yesterday installing.

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Either that or you might have to install a Ground Loop Isolator. Had to use them on many builds for that issue.
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