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Bought a used XE front bumper last week to de-chrome my 05 SE Titan. Was told it would bolt right up but found out over the weekend that wasn't the case. The XE bumper seems to mount completely different from my SE bumper, using many different parts. I should have done more research before buying it. Learned my lesson.

Now, I need help to identify some parts to complete this swap. Please see pics below with my questions. I want to stress that none of the parts in question below exist on my truck because again, the XE and SE bumpers mount very differently. Greatly appreciate your help:

1. All parts received from seller. I don't think bottom 2 circled parts are needed for the swap.

2. Circled bracket is from my truck and appears to be stricly used to mount my SE chrome bumper only. Can I just leave this part off on the swap?

3. The red circled part came from the seller. What bolts to use to mount to frame? Also, the blue circled brace is from my truck and is about 2 to 3 inches too long to mount to the red circled bracket. Are these braces shorter on the XE's?

4. Red circled bracket came from seller. Green circled holes are mounting points. Sorry, some holes are blocked in the pic but there are 8 of them. What bolts to use?

5. Red circled foam is the energy absorber from the seller. SE bumper does not have this. Green circled holes are mounting points. What bolts to use?

6. This is the seller's bumper dry-fitted onto the bracket from #4 above. Green circled holes are top mounting points. There are 3 more on the bottom on the underside of the lower grille. What fasteners to use?

7. Green circled holes are mounting points on either ends of the bumpers. They line up to existing holes in fenders. What bolts to use?

8. Bottom of bumper and my skid-plate. The skid-plate would go above the bottom of the bumper and the 2 green circled holes line up. What bolts to use?

9. Green circled hole is another mounting point on bottom of bumper with no place to mount to?
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