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ok...It finally happened today...half way to work (30 mile drive) I hear a very loud clank, and then horrible grinding, metal on metal etc...I take it to a different dealer close to work and they pull the tires. They call me in and show me two piles of what is left of my e- brakes...they both "exploded" repair order states as follows...

found rear e-brake came apart and damaged ABS tone ring Also slip and VDC lights are on- will need axle assembly $1100 +tax.

I have had it to my original dealer 3 times...All 3 times got "could not duplicate" and all they did was test drive, The first time they test drove and put it on the diagnostic for $115. Today it cost me $104, plus a possible $1100 bill. the truck has almost 49K and I have an extended warranty, but only the "bronze" so nothing is under warranty.

I asked if i should call my original dealer to see if they can do anything, The service manager said he could put it back together and it would be OK to drive, but I would not have an e-brake and the ABS light and slip light would stay on. About 5 miles from home the "service engine soon" light came on?? Do not think this would have anything to do with the e brake issue???

You folks think I have any chance of my dealer doing anything about this? or perhaps Nissan head quarters?? The Service manager today said he was surprised that my dealer did not at least take the tires off when I had it in 3 times?? Perhaps if this was caught sooner it would have not damaged the axle?? I am guessing I am SOL, but would appreciate you guys opinion!
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