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Hmmmmmph. It Sucks To Be Short :(

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Gotta say, I *LOVE* hubby's Titan. It's my favorite out of all the trucks he's had since we've been married. But those things ought to come with some STEPS!! It's hard for us vertically-challenged folks to get in!! I nearly busted my behind twice already this week trying to get to doctor's appointments. That's all I need is more reasons to go to the doctor, LOL :D Sooooooooo, Josh, when are ya gonna get your Old Lady some steps?? Huh?? :D :D :D

Any other ladies here who are vertically challenged like myself?? I'm about 5'3". It's sad when you need a booster seat when you are the DRIVER 8O !!
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Well I am not short by all means but I am with you on the steps. My husband is on his second titan and this one does not have the steps on it like the first on did.
My wife is 8 months pregnant and just commented last night that she is having a hard time getting in and out of my Titan. I advised her that I would need to purchase some tube rails to correct that. She advised if they were free, I could get them.

Oh well, I tried!!!! LOL
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