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How long until the 2005 Titan comes out?

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I'm ready to buy a Titan, but I'd rather wait if a 2005 is coming out in 30-60 days.
Any word? When do you guys expect to see it hit the lots?

- I'm a bench guy and 2005 LE has a bench option!
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Well the 05 Pathfinder is supposed to come out this month. If thats the case I'd expect the 05 Titan's to be out within a month or two. Just guessing though.
Yukes, Ordered mine Friday thru Pricing not available yet. Gestation period about 60 days. :lol:
I believe I was told the 05's will be out on 10/16
By the way welcome aboard hdrocketman. I cant wait till you post some pictures of your soon to be new Titan.
I have to find the web linagain, but from what I read, the Titan will be the same for 2005. I don't get the concept of this, but I remember them saying it was the 2004/2005 Nissan Titan. Maybe Nissan is working on something new for 06, or just like to stick with whats working for now.
I have heard of some minor changes so far as some of the option packages. The biggest change I can think of is the power rear window in place of our sliders.
Well, the reason I ask is because the dealership claims they don't know when the new ones are coming. Is it really going to be the this month? If so, let's start the countdown! T minus!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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