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Im suprised at the lack of people using the gallery.

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I upgraded the site to have plenty of room for the gallery but doesn't seem like anyone is really using it. Please guys its a great way to show off your truck. It will also give other people a reason to come by and look at all the great pictures.
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Haven't had a chance to take any pictures yet but I will deffinately take advantage.
my wife keeps stealing the titan every time I wash it to take pics to post :x
I would use it more if it had auto resizing!
BiXLL said:
I would use it more if it had auto resizing!
Hehe I will look into that Bill sorry bud.
........................................... thats about it
SoBeGraphics said:
This thread is from Sept '04...we don't even have the same gallery anymore lol :p

Lookin' good!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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