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I took delivery of my Titan on the second of January, and have accumulated 19,300 miles so far. The truck has given me very little trouble, and I'm a very satisfied owner.
It performed really great in the winter weather, although the heater seems slow to warm up.
I won some wheels and tires on E*ay last week and really like them over the factory (off-road package) setup. I posted a couple of pictures under my user name...
God! the R/F stereo is great!!
The towing is effortless.
It cruises on the interstate with authority.
I'm getting 17.5MPG.
My $$$$ mountain bike locks safely in the back seat with the front wheel still attached!
Nissan hit a grand slam with this machine.

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great to have you aboard man. You sound like you love your truck. I am the same way I guess. People at work probably think I'm nuts. I'm always talking about it or trying to tell people to go look at them. I am suprised you really like the RF stereo, soo many people have complained about it. Glad you like yours though. Sounds like you are getting great gas mileage out of your Titan as well. I'm getting about 16 which I thought was pretty good for this truck. If you decide to get rid of those off road package wheels and tires let us all know. Or just box them up and send them my way LOL.
Well glad your here and hope you keep coming back.
Just got back monday from a trip to the jersey shore. Had a good trip except for getting hit(by a Nissan Frontier!!!) while riding my bike. No broken bones, but I'm "rather sore".
I 'm keepin' the factory wheels--I want to get Goodyear MTR's for my winter tires--have them on the painted wheels.
These trucks need to have the splash guards as standard eauipment- my lower paint is getting sandblasted.
Guess it's time for those cool Bushwhacker Flares.
Taking it in for the recall (seat belt mounts), the R/F FM "fade", and an oil change tomorrow. I past 20K miles!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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