Nissan Titan Forum banner still using 0w-40 M1 in the new beast????

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I'm not JT, but I am still using it!
hey there cyberbill, I almost didn't see your post, for some reason the new posts I get aren't turning red like they used to....JOSH!!!!!!

Anyhow to answer your question I just changed my oil last week for the 3rd time and put in 5 qts. of Mobil 1 0W-40 and 2 qts. of Redline 5W-30 just to see how it does. The redline typically does mediocre on the oil samples I've seen but when mixed with other oils it usually does real well and has a ton of moly in it. I'll do an oil sample at the 5k mark, which will be 2500 on the oil, and again at the 7500 mile mark to see if it was worth it. I just like playing around.... :lol:
Other than playing...any reason you are adding Redline?

I switched to 0w40 M1 and I have a funny sound coming from under the hood. Inside the cabin, it is kind of a marbley sound coming from around the stick. When I got out and opened the hood, it seemed like there was a knock in the engine at idle. This was not there before. It may be nothing but I am concerned!
I'm not sure what your hearing but I seriously doubt it has anything to do with Mobil 1. May want to let your dealer hear it, perhaps they could troubleshoot it and find the noise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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