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The Off-Road Evolution Jk-Experience presented by Falken Tire is an extreme event that is intended, by design, to be the most demanding and toughest JK only event EVER. A gathering of the top Manufacturers of JK performance parts together with JK owners and JK enthusiasts, and have them wheel their rigs nose to tail and mile after mile. Off Road Evolution's JK Experience presented by Falken Tire will be an event that will promote and showcase the off-road and on-road capabilities of the Jeep JK, and in particular the products from those manufacturers that participate/sponsor the event. Expect hardcore terrain, mind blowing scenery, and what you will call "The best experience I have ever been on" when it is all said and done.

Now we understand that this forum is not for JK's but we figure most everyone here likes wheeling so why not share our off-road adventure with you all. We promise, you won't be let down and we encourage everyone to follow along and share your thoughts with us. We do plan on giving away some FREE stuff, and who knows, maybe the next off-road event we attend will be with you.

General Outline Of The Run:
*September 5th - September 10th 2010.
*20 total vehicles only! (10 JK Owners, 10 JK Sponsors)
*6-day event with 3 nights of camping and the 3 nights in hotels.
*This year we will be starting at the base of the Grand Teton Mountain Range located in WY and a place that will be given closer to the start of the event.
*Be prepared for all different types of off-road terrain (sand, hard pack dirt, rocks, snow, and our favorite; MUD), off camber obstacles, possible body damage, and long road days.
*Drivers are encouraged to try every obstacle on the trails. After 3 tries a winch or strap will be mandatory, the trail must move on.
*No support vehicles (trailers). JK will be driven from start to finish.
*Participants will need to be self sufficient in respect with vehicles repairs. Family and/or friends should be ready to ship parts needed to keep the vehicle going in the event of major breakages.
*Participants on the run will include manufacturers that make products for Jeep JK's (event sponsors) and owners of JK's that will come from various locations Worldwide.

September 5th is the kick off date for this years Off-Road Evolution Jk-Experience presented by Falken Tire. Here's how to follow the action for FREE from your home (or work :D) computer or any capable mobile device.

Video Clips and Live Streaming Video:

Discount Tire has set-up a Ustream video channel for your viewing pleasure. We will be streaming live video (as connection allows) and cataloging saved video from the event as it happens. Tune in Sunday September 5th to see the start of the off-road action using the following links:

*Discount Tire Ustream Jk-Experience 2010 Channel
*Follow us on Discount Tire's Twitter Page for instant notifications when we go LIVE!

You can download the Ustream Viewer application for your Android or iPhone HERE.

Maps GPS located Pictures:

Discount Tire has also created a new Everytrail Profile. We will be tracking our route and cataloging images on the trail. Check back daily for new trail maps and pictures. Discount Tire on EveryTrail

For more detailed information about the JK-Experience, please visit their site at Off Road Evolutions 2010 JK Experience Presented by Falken Tire.
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