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Nitto just released three new sizes for the Trail Grappler M/T. The sizes were engineered to fit a range of small SUVs and full-sized trucks.

The Trail Grappler M/T combines some of the off-road bite of the Mud Grappler with the on-road manners of the Terra Grappler, to create a tire that is both aggressive and quiet.

New Sizes:
LT 255/75R17 C 111Q
LT 265/70R17 E 121Q
LT 275/70R18 E 125Q

Coming soon Jan 3, 2011
LT 295/60R20 E 126Q
LT 285/55R22 E 124Q

*Visit Nitto's NEW interactive Tire Selector to see which sizes are available for your vehicle.

Tire fitment depends on the correct offset/size wheels. Always consult your wheel/tire dealer for correct sizing.

About Nitto Tire:
Nitto Tire develops performance tires for all uses, including racing, off-road and street. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities in both Japan and the United States, Nitto provides innovative and high-quality performance tires for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts. For more information about Nitto or its products, visit the company's web site at or contact them here.

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