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Looked at an 05 yesterday

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I was over at the Nissan dealer yesterday getting having them address a faulty tire pressure sensor. While I was waiting, I noticed they had a couple 05's on the lot. One was an XE and the other an SE. I did notice the back window was different which we all knew was coming. I had expected though that the whole back glass would retract just like the Toyota does. I don't think that is the case. Nissan enlarged the middle portion of the back glass which is the part that retracts. It didn't look like the side portions would go down.

The other thing I noticed was the tailgate. As someone mentioned, it is truly a one finger operation. When I was truck shopping, the Ford salesman made sure I experienced their version of the tailgate assist system. Theirs is nothing comnpared to Nissans. I am telling you, it is sweet. If I can get mine retrofitted (and I think I can), I will.
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it should have said (bought an 05 yesterday)
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