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Looking for mods to bring back some low end TQ

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I lost a little tq when I had my exhaust put in. I have been trying to figure out how to get it back. I opened up my stock air filter box and modded it a little. Has anyone done any mods to boost there torque. What I mean is I can break the tires loose but when it goes into second it kinda lags then picks back up.
If you can help me here I would appreciate it.
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Ok guys I was thinking. Would it help if I got some better headers. Maybe my better flowing exhaust really isnt helping me since the headers are so restrictive. Would I be right in this thinking. I have seen some guys remove the cats to get better flow but I don't think I want to do this because of the emissions laws and such. Another thing, with the increase in flow of the exhaust am I killing myself by running with a stock intake still. Would I get what I'm looking for by just getting an K&N or Volant intake sytem. Or do I need to wait for something that will push a little more air through (forced air induction) or do you think they will even make anything for the Titan. I am really getting into this truck and I want this thing to really hop off the line. Let me know I am reading all the info I can find (which isnt much on the Titan right now) I did find some good reading though if you are interested.
Nice article on Horsepower vs. Torque
Help me guys I am a mechanical noob.
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wow, that's a lot of questions... :D

So you want more low end torque huh??? Well your options are limited at this time with what's on the market. I'm sure you lost some with the exhaust you have on it because if I remember you have true duals don't you?

MikeZ should chime in here because he had true duals too and had some loss of low end torque. He changed back to a 2.5" Y-pipe with an aftermarket collector that joined them with a 3" outlet. From there he went 3" back to the muffler and the dual 2.5" out. He said he gained back his low end torque by doing this. It's probably not what you want to hear if you have true duals but being normally aspirated engines it appears a Y-pipe does the trick..
I do not have dual flowmaster mufflers I have a dual in/out single flowmaster muffler. I did not put an X pipe or H pipe on this install. The muffler guy said it was a waist. Do you think I should go back and have one installed. I really dont want to swap out the muffler.
I don't know m4ck, I really don't think an x or H pipe will help. I think it might be time to re-visit your entire exhaust system and look seriously at going with a single in dual out or single in single out.
Umm please don't say that. LOL I would rather increase my intake and see if that would pick it back up than have to redo my exhaust. I will keep searching for a bit. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
a larger intake will only push your torque further north where you don't want it. Just strap on a supercharger and be done with it, when one comes out... :)
Ok now I'm all confused. I thought more out the more you need in. Can someone help me understand here. I hate to be the motor noob here but my thing is computers, not engines.
I am a little late for chiming in but better late then never.!!

Josh, I first put a flow 50 dual in dual out and definetly noticed a low end loss and mid range boost (a little anyway on boost). Also I was getting a lot of resonance (not drone), the kind that sounds like valves slapping. But I also had opened up to 2.5 from cats back (no resonators) so I was flowing more free then you are. Dale and I talked and decided to try a magnaflow 5x11. Magnaflows are a bit quieter but still very aggressive sound and have a built in crossover. A good bit of low end came back but not all. I can't tell you whether this was from the crossover or magnaflow having more backpressure. I am convinced the low end loss was due to backpressure loss. A certain amount of backpressure is needed to keep that low end alive. If you can get a reasonable price quote on a H pipe installed it may be worth a try but as Dale said, maybe wont help. Opening up the pipes to 2.5 really boosted the mid range throttle but the price was low end. As Dale and I were about to experiment with some dynomax super turbos, I ended up with this new truck so back to scratch for me. Dale are you going to try the dynomax?
It would be nice to figure out a way to be abke to control back pressure with a adjustable baffle to experiment, that would answer a lot.

After I typed all this, I realized I really havent given you a solution Josh, mainly because I didnt come up with any before trading my truck in. I do know the magnaflow improved over flow 50 for my setup which was similar to yours except the additonal opened pipe I had. They arent real expensive. My muff guy put the maganflow on for 100 installed. I do believe single in 3" is way to go instead of dual in dual out. I was thinking my next move after dynomax would have been single 3 dual 2.5 out magnalfow. But I also was dealing with sound, trying to quiet it down some. You can also look into resonators (bullets) in front of your flow. This is going to quiet it down a "little" but should create some backpressure as well. Muff guy here was going to put some on for 30 bucks installed for each. Actually that may be best route for you. It is a 60 dollar gamble but may work. If you like the sound now, it will probably be same just toned down a bit as far as decibels. It may get rid of some drone if you have that as well.
I think it is worht a shot. Call around though, one shop here wanted 70 bucks for each and next was 30. :?
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