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I have a few questions I would like to run by you all regarding suspension lift for my 2011 Titan Pro-4X.

In the past I've had a seriously modified Toyota FJ Cruiser with Icon / Total Chaos suspension setup and enjoyed the control and ride quality. I'd like to lift my Titan approximately 3 to 4 inches (no more, due to garage clearances at home and work) and do it right without completely breaking the bank. My truck spends 95% of its time on road and 5% light-duty trail riding. $2500 would be a good cap.

I'm considering the following components from PRG's online shop but am open to other sources if someone has a better idea. I'd like you all to help me look this plan over and make sure that I'm not buying anything unnecessary or omitting something important. Feel free to recommend alternatives.

  • PRG 4WD Extended Travel package (including their upper control arms, SAW coilovers and Icon rear shocks)
  • Deaver Titan C-30 3-Leaf Spring Pack
  • PRG Variable Height Titan Shackles
  • PRG Titan Drive Shaft Spacer
  • PRG Titan Offroad Traction Bars

I had been considering just doing the mini-lift and level kit, but I think that would just leave me wanting more. Thanks in advance!
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