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Looks Like the Titan Sales are Takin a bite out of GM

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Looks like the Titan sales are really puting a pinch on GM sales. They are cutting their entire 3rd shift production at the GM plant. Looks bad for the Chevy fans.
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well, Ive owned most everything.. and currantly own 2 chevy's and a Jeep along with my Titan..

if it hadnt have been for the transmission troubles out of my 2003 S-10 CC.. (they couldnt fix it for longer than 2 weeks and it would start slipping again) I would have bought another chevy.. it was 7000 off sticker..

instead I bought the Titan.

so GM needs to rethink there transmissions... get the transmission problems fixed... I'll come back..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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