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losen bolts mmmmmmmm scary

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I just read the topic that our good friend Jettech wrote about all losen bolt he find, let me tell you guys that now i feel so mad that i can t tell, i hate losen bolts it make me feel unsave.
Can you guys creat one new topic with pics 9 like jettech did) of all the different part you have found losen? so we can get out truck in the condition that it should come from factory?
Come on guys use you digital cameras more often you help people like me to understand better and make the website more fun to look and read.
let s see if we all can find more losen bolts and crate a profile so evrybody can take a look at the pics and find their bolts and take care of them.
This website is so helful to me to the point that when i read about the low gear oil of the real differential i when to my nissan dealer and i talked with some of the techs and sales agents that owned a titan about the problem of the rear differential they got very surpriced about it they look at me like wowwwwwww this is a smart kid and all them checked their car...i can t expalin you how good i feel at that time, how nice is to know things and how great is to help someone that day everybody thanks me and i won their respect and friend ship... and all this is a product of you guys and this website...thanks Titan club...
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tighten your gear bud... or should i say titan your gear haha
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