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love my titan

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In Aug. I purchased my first new vehicle ever. After a lot of research I opted on a Canteen, XE, 2wd., KC, sprayed on Rhino bed liner. I bought nerf bars after market as well as the tow package. OEM was way too much. I am also getting ready to purchace body side mouldings thanks to an ebay link I received from a nice fellow in these forums. The dealer experience was somewhat fun. I love everything about this truck. Lots of power, the exhaust sound is too cool for a stock truck. The rear seat leg room is better than on the F150 or the Chevy. I tested the Tundra but it just wasn't beefy enough for me and the engine was not near as powerful. I wouldn't even consider looking at a Ram, they are junk in my opinion. I guess my only complaint is the location of the wiper control. It seems I inadvertantly hit it when I shift. But I am getting used to it and don't hit it as much now. Thanks for having a site for us Titan owners. It has been helpful since the first day I posted.
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Glad everything is working out for you Waldo. I think you will find the longer you have your Titan, the more your gonna like it!
Waldo I have the same problem with the wiper controller. I turn my wipers on just about every time I put her in drive. LOL
I still do it from time to time and I don't have the column shifter. It seems they are just a tad too close to the steering wheel. Just one of those little quirks that can take time getting used to.
I dont have a column shifter, but my wife does in her van. If I drive it then get in mine, I have a bad habit of grabing my wiper control thinking its the gear shift 8O Havent ripped the controler off yet though :lol:
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