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I found this forum while researching an issue that just started with my 2005 Titan. While driving at normally at highway speeds (not accelerating or decelerating), my oil pressure gauge, which will normally sit just to the left side of the middle of the scale, will suddenly drop to low and the warning light will flicker or come on. A second or two later, the needle will jump back to normal and the light will go off. Then back to low... back to normal... low pressure warning light flickering... and so on for a few minutes. Then it'll suddenly settle down and work normally again. During the time this is happening, there's no change to the engine's performance, noise level, or temperature.

When it does this doesn't seem to fit a pattern. Sometimes it does it when the engine is cold, other times when it's already been driving for a while. Sometimes it does it a couple times a day, sometimes it skips a few days.

I've check the oil and it's at a normal level. Also changed the oil and filter. Still does it.

Do you think this is a sending unit issue or could the pump be failing?
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