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M4ck's 4x2 XE KC Titan with PRG Leveling Kit

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Hey guys here are a couple of pictures with my Titan and the new PRG Leveling Kit. This is just the front kit. I will put the rear blocks on this week sometime. Also should be getting my new wheels and tires soon hopefully. Not as clean as I wanted but I am at work just kinda sprayed her off.


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Looks good. What are you going to do with the old rims? :roll:
Looks great. What wheels did you decide on? :D
Looks good!!! Have you desided on wheels yet?

How does she ride after this mod? I guess you can tell me after you block the back and it's all said and done. Will there be any garage clearance problems? This thing is now sittin' higher! :)
The ride is way better. I tried running through pot holes and dips in the road to see if it would bottom out like before. Not one time did it bottom out. Even when it did dip down really low it still was much smoother because of the new bump stops. This kit is awesome. It was worth it just for the ride improvement. I know I got it mainly for looks to get rid of the rake but wow. I really like the difference in height now. I am putting the 1 inch blocks in so I will see how much change it makes. I plan on putting the helper springs on too so it really wont go to high in the rear.

I decided on the Boss 301's. I just feel they are more me. Plus the 304's looked like crap in 6 lug. Hopefully I will get them in the next week or two.

The front kit I have on now costs $199.00 well worth it. It was much easier to put on than I thought it would be. Big thanks to my brother James for the help.

My grill is a Dunder Grill. Made by our very own member Dunder23. If you are interested just PM him and he will get with you. They are great grills. I wanted to get rid of the hamburger Nissan Emblem up front so this worked perfect.

All in all things are coming together. I will be getting the Bull Bar that we are going to have a group buy on soon. Plus I am going to get the Aries offroad oval black nerf bars and maybe black bed rails. I also want to get rid of the rear bumper and put on the Stillen Roll Pan. Only if I can still get a hitch on with it.
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Looks good Josh. Looking forward to seeing the new wheels on it. 8)
looks great man, glad to hear about the ride improving. those rims your gettin will look killer on your truck
Nice me likie much.....!!!!!!
I want one but have to wait until I pay off the wheels and tires......
maybe slip it in for my b=day in Aug
What Thickness is the Front Spacers? Looks good w/o the rear blocks!
I believe it was the 2 1/2 inch spacer. The 4x2's front ends have a really low rake. I am just loving this kit. I can't say enough about the ride improvement. New wheels and tires soon gonna look really good. The only reason I want to put the rear blocks in is because I will probably get a hitch and when I pull a trailer I dont want the rear dropping a lot lower than the front and looking funny. I will put it on and see what it looks like then. I will probably wind up putting on the helper springs too so that it doesnt raise it too high.
How's the Cornering Ability?
One of the Sweeetest thing I like is how my Titan Corners, like a BMW. I'm afraid, as soon as I lift the front too high (more than an inch), I'll lose that Stability on tight turns. (?)

Or, do you not "Drive" like that?
When I am going fast its in a straight line. I dont baby it in the curves though. I haven't noticed any difference in the turns. I just got it alligned yesterday afternoon so I have to get some driving in before I say for sure on that.
nice deal, Those new rims will truly make a difference. Not that the ones stock ones are bad. Well, ok they are bad. I was a little easy on mine the first couple of times out but now I drive it like I use to. No change in the ride at all except for the height. Oh make sure you change you headlight level. I drove home the other day and I would say every one hit their high beams at me. I felt bad but it was funny. I lowered them as soon as I got home.
How was the install? I can't wait to get mine from Greg ... he's waiting on the u-bolts from his vendor before he ships. I've still got to get with JT about what time is good for him. Anyhow, looks good!
It was way easier than I expected.
I am no mechanic trust me. I actually had to go buy the tools and jack stands to put it on. LOL
pathetic I know.
Nah that was my plan too - were it not for Jettech volunteering to help, it'd still be my plan.
Trogdor said:
Nah that was my plan too - were it not for Jettech volunteering to help, it'd still be my plan.
Hey Trogdor, I'm not sure if you've received your spacers yet but if you have Monday afternoon looks to be the first chance I'll have to install them. I usually get home from work around 3pm so anytime after that is fine. Just PM me and let me know.

ncd customs has these for 90 bucks. i installed them yesterday and blam, a LEVEL truck. super easy to install and im a real novice! all billet quality fast shipping.
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