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I am looking at purchasing a topper / cap for my new white 2021 Titan XD Pro 4X and wanted to get all of your opinions. I really like the idea of a topper but I tend to think that a topper that is painted to match the color of the truck makes it all look like a SUV. And mismatched toppers always look sloppy, like it was picked up used on Craigslist. So the A.R.E. Overland caught my eye. It looks really good in some ways, but also looks odd in other ways. Especially on a white truck. I'm curious what everyone's opinion is for the A.R.E Overland on a white Titan XD Pro 4x with black trim?

Thanks for your opinions!

Here is a link to the A.R.E. Overland webpage: A.R.E. : Truck caps, truck toppers, camper shells, truck canopies, truck bed covers, hard tonneau covers and truck accessories from A.R.E.

Here is a picture I found online. This is not my truck and is not my picture.
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