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Member Gallery Open !!!

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UPDATE Please READ!!!!!!


First: Make sure you are logged in to the site.

Second: Go into the gallery.

Third: Make sure you are in ADMIN MODE. If you are in user mode you will see a link to click that says ADMIN MODE.


Fifth: You should be in ALBUM MANAGER click NEW. Then you can change the name of the new album by highlighting it type in new name and click APPLY MODIFICATIONS.

Seventh click browse and find the picture you want to upload. You can add picture title and description here also. Then Click UPLOAD PICTURE at the bottom.

There you go now you have uploaded a picture. IF you want to add more just repeat step 6 as many times as you want to upload pictures.

If you have specific questions just PM me.
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Someone please post there mug shut so I don't have to see mine every time the gallery page loads.
Here's one from Summer Camp this year.....Just so you're not alone! :lol:
Heh you still got more hair than me. Well mine is coming back in good now though.

Well crap, I know I was in the "Member Mug Shot" section.....What's up with that?

I guess I need an instruction manual :lol: :lol:
8O M4ck, you are quick for a big guy aren't you?!! j/k!! :lol: :lol:

I see you've already moved it. Thanks! :D
It has a pull down menu when you upload. You have to select the album to post in. just make sure its the right one. No biggie I fixed it.
aaaahhhhhh yes, I see now.....thank you!
Hey Hubby, you gotta show me how to post a newer picture on here. Took me half an hour just to get the one in the gallery up, LOL :lol: Where is the computer brains in the family when I need him :?:

Anyhow, I am MrsM4ck :D Don't let the picture scare you :oops: A lot (and I do mean a LOT) has gone on since this picture was taken. So subtract about 35 pounds, and give me a new hairdo and I'll look MUCH better, LOL :lol: !! But anyhow, thought I'd show my mug shot since everybody else was!!

Here's a better one, but it wouldn't let me post it for some reason :?:

Still gotta subtract some weight and give me a new 'do, but at least this picture won't burn your eyes 8O !!

This was taken last Christmas, and this is our nephew, Logan, and me. He's a cutie-pie, huh??
Kinda screwed up in the member gallery. I modified my Titan to look just like me!!! No, I didn't notice that you could select which gallery you wanted it to go in until it was too late. Oh, well you get to see my beauty twice. "Yeah Right" I just thought that if you needed to keep burglars, pets, or any other animals away from the house, print off my pic and post it in the front yard.

"Who needs ADT when you've got me?" :D
I got rid of the double picture post for you. I will check the sections every day so dont worry if you put something in the wrong section I can easaily move it.
Just the click of the mouse. Its nice to see what people look like so you can put a face with a name I just like that a lot.
I made an album with 3 pics in it, but when I go to gallery, I can't find it! Also, mug short does not appear in mug shut area?
Actually I think you did it the right way. I was having trouble figuring out how to set up the gallery. Well when people started saying they couldnt upload I started messing around with it. What has happened is the gallery right now is all under my username and people are uploading to my album. You were able to create your own album and upload to your album thats what I want everyone to do. I will work on this some more. By the way Bill if you click on User Galleries you will see yours.
Guys I was having problems figuring out the member galleries. If you have uploaded pictures you will need to do so again except for BiXLL who somehow did it right the first time without even knowing it lol. Thanks to him I know how to use the gallery the right way. When you want to upload a picture you need to create a album then upload your pictures in that album.
sorry for any confusion or for you having to redo your posts.
except for BiXLL who somehow did it right the first time
Do you have any idea how intense the preasure is being me? :D
Well thanks to BiXLL for being able to figure out the proper use of the gallery it is now going like it should. Thanks to everyone that helped the first couple days to get it working properly. If you uploaded pics and they got deleted I am sorry. Please upload them again I promise I won't delete them again. Enjoy this new section I think it will be really fun to see who you are talking to and see what there truck looks like and mods they have done.
I think I have it figured out now. You have to just go in and play around with it. Anyway, I will try to get some good shots of the truck and post them.
m4ck - I like the new pictures scrolling across the home page. Nice job.
I finally put a few pictures up, realized that I need to take more pictures of my Titan, I only had a few. Threw a couple of my other toy on there. I think I'll try to get a few pictures for "work" on there too.
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