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Missouri Club or just visit

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Hey, I live in the St.Peters area. Wich is about 30 minutes outside St.Louis. Anybody wanna get together and talk about and show off their TITAN, I'm game. I love this truck and am hoping to do some mods soon. I am starting to see alot of TITANS around now, Some with some cool mods so I love to see upclose and get some opinions. :D I also have a son at The Lake of the Ozarks and am up there alot so, I could get together up there too. A little about myself- I am a technician for a electronic gambling company,so I travel alot(had my TITAN 4 months and already have 15,000 miles on it). I also have a motorcycle and am always looking for people to go on rides with. I am married and my wife loves the TITAN as much as I do so bring your wife, husband, and so on. 8)
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Hey Titan_Fan. Welcome to the club. I'm in the STL area as well. Starting to finally see some other Titans around as well. However, still much fewer than the other's. Seems like alot of those ugly rams around here. Anyway, as the site grows, hopefully we'll have some more "show me" members.
I now know of two others within a mile of mine. A silver KC and a Black KC. One of them works in the same office complex! I just noticed it the other day and will have to track them down. When we first started this thread I maybe saw 3 others on the road total. Now there's 3 in the neighborhood. I wonder if they know about the site yet.... :D
Agree with you completly. I was over in Edwardsville and Bloomington the other day on business and I kid you not, three different people asked "who's that Titan in the parking lot?" And then the proceed to talk about how much they like and admire the truck. You just gotta love that. I have a feeling there will be many more soon as the build quality goes up and word gets around.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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