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Mr Clean Auto Dry Car Wash

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This stuff is awesome. I don't know if anyone else has tried it, but I'm always a skeptic. This stuff really works great, makes washing a truck the size of the Titan fast and easy! It was amazing to me, it really does dry without ANY spots. Its about 31.00 after taxes, and the filter has to be replaced after every 3 washes, but to me, it was worth the money.
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Cool man I love to see posts like this. Product reviews by people who are not getting paid to do them. This will make me buy a product a lot quicker than a commercial or add.
Sorry guys but I have to throw in the opposite view here, I absolutely hated this thing. It left spots on my truck and because of that I didn't see any time savings. I'm so glad someone is having good luck with it because I sure didn't. :(
I didn't care for it either! It left spots big time, especially on the fender flares! I gave it to my dad!
Seems to me this stuff needs to be used on a car with a good coat of wax already. Plus I noticed the back end of my truck was in the direct sunlight, so the only spots I had to get rid of myself were on the back left panel of the bed. The sun bakes the soap pretty quick. Otherwise, the rest of the truck came out amazing. You have to do the job pretty quick, and with the auto-dry position (last step), you have to get up real close with the gun to the truck. If you do it closely, back and forth, top to bottom, the product does its job. Quick question for the guys who had a problem with it: Was the product new that you were using, or was it borrowed? I know for a fact that the filter is said to be only good for 3 washes, but I've seen it lose its effect by the second to third wash.
I bought it new from Wal-Mart and only used it once because of the results. After reading your detailed description on how to do it I probably didn't do it right. Oh well, it's long since gone to "soap" heaven. Maybe one of these days I'll pick up another one and give it a try using your directions. Thanks for the tip..
Jet... I don't think you do much wrong when it comes to vehicles. Really, I think its the sunlight. I guess its like waxing, you're not supposed to do it in direct sunlight. I didn't wash mine in the shade unpurpose...believe me. It was just the time of day on the driveway.
I have used mine twice now. No spotting at all. As far as the time saved as claimed by the package, I have not seen it. I think I could dry the truck with a Q-tip in just a hair more time than the many step auto dry process. But I will keep using it for now as the chrome front end of my LE seems to get bug splatters even when parked. I think all the shiny stuff blinds them and they fly into it. 8)
I like it too. It will leave some spots if you don't follow directions EXACTLY. I still get spots on the windows, but they come right off. I try to wash in early AM hours. I like the product, but sometimes it's a pain.
Have this product myself .. my dad got one to My truck came out lookign like it just came off the showroom floor his had nasty waterspots ...

For this to work you must be in the shade and make sure you keep the wand 8-10 in away from car not to close but not to far away if your to far away itll leave waterspots :)

They say the filter is good for 3 washes the one that comes with it... you get about 2 good washes out of it then toss it.. i beleive there thinking about Geo metros when they say 3+ washes hehe not a monster titon ... THe refil is good for 10 washes So the box says but youll get about 7 out of it on your titon

the soap is OK but found that Eagle 1 carwash works even better then the stuff that comes with it :)

Hope i helped some
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Yeah this stuff works, but like we both said, the directions have to be followed to a "T".
I read on other sites regarding this product. Lots of people complaint that after serveral washes, the product left a "film" on the car. People had hard time to remove the "film" on their car. Personally, I haven't use the product yet but did extensive research on this via the web.
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