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I just wanted to let everyone know how the Titan is doing since it seems people think the quality on them isn't all that. While I do agree the early models did have issues it seems, the late builds aren't having them as much.

Mine was built in 09/04. 10/04 the 05 came out. So far the only problems I have had was the rear diff was underfilled from the factory (filled with Amsoil 80w90 at 500 miles), front brake rotors have warped twice (brake TSB done on last visit with all new hardware), and a passenger seat frame rattle which was replaced.

I was getting a average of 15-16 mpg at first and now I get around 14-15. And my driving hasn't changed. So I got some fuel injector cleaner and running Chevron through it to see if it changes. Also resetting the ECU since I saw this happen once on my G35 and it fixed my gas milege issue.

Quality of the truck. Yes the interior isn't as well made as lets say a Tundra, but its overall better than the Big 3 except maybe the Ford. It's got the most comfortable seats in it that I have sat in compared to the others. Panels, and everything else is solid and straight. No rattles, etc.

Paint: Well, it seems it takes Nissan to build a new plant or maybe just because its built in America its paint is better than other Nissans? I have no chips at all. NONE! The front end of the truck has had a few impacts too with big rocks, one which made a good dent right below a fog light whole on the painted surface. It did not take the paint off, but it made a dent in the bumper cover. The paint doesn't have swirls in it either. Seems to be holding up well.

Glass: Now my G35 after this mileage had too many to count of knicks and cracks on the windshield that I had fixed. So far the Titan has none after many rocks have hit it. Obviously again American made part. The maker is CarTex if I spelled that right. Same manufacture that I saw on Ford trucks.

Amsoil will be going in next weekend as well as new performance brake pads from Mossy Nissan that supposely help solve the braking problem since the TSB hasn't helped much per the Forums.

We are going to be taking the truck on a trip this year, probably around April or so to New MExico or maybe as far as Las Vegas. So this will also test the gas milege and comfort on the long haul with a full load of people and luggage.

Next mods: Bed cover and Nurf bars before trip.

So overall the truck has been great. I also to plan to purchase a 2nd car by the end of 2005 for a dedicate autox/cruising car. Not sure what I plan to get yet but something RWD or AWD and under a 5k budget.

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I have seen alot about this brake TSB. What does TSB stand for?
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