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My Titan was on the beach

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I had a chance last weekend to take my Titan out on one of our state beaches. :D I have been surf fishing for years and have had many brands of 4 x 4 that I have used. I was amazed by how well the Titan tracked in the sand. I kept it in 4 high the entire time except for once when I stopped in some soft sand. I dropped to 4 low and it walked right out of it like a walk in the park.

In all my years of surf fishing I have never had a truck stuck to the point of needing assistance, but have been close a time or two. I never once felt like the Titan was going to have any trouble. It was sure footed and I just had to lightly press on the gas and the power was right there.

I look forward to many more days on the beach and I am planning some more off road adventures soon. Next time I will get some pictures. (the real adventure will be getting them posted on this site LOL LOL LOL)
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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