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Need Alignment

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I took my truck to my favorite mechanic today for the 7,500 mile oil change (switched to Mobil 1 5-30wt, and he told me that my front tires were starting to cup. His suggestion was that I contact Nissan and have them check the front end alignment. Has anyone else noticed uneven front tire wear this early ?

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Nope my truck has performed and exceeded all my hopes for a truck. Have not had a single problem except for a dash rattle that lasted one night. LOL
I'm not a mechanic (nor do I try to be), by my experience tells me that if your tires are cupping it's probably a pressure problem more than an alignment problem. Usually you'll see an alignment problem two ways; one, the front tires will wear on one edge or the other due to dragging down the road vice rolling true (the outer or inner tread line will wear quickly) or; two, your truck will pull to one direction or the other when you let go of the wheel on a flat, straight stretch of road. Line your front tires up straight ahead while parked, and see if your steering wheel is centered or if it is canted to one side or the other. If it's not straight, you may be out of alignment.

I'll try checking out the steering wheel. That sounds like a good quick check
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