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First Post in a while.

Hey guys/gals,

Got an 08 Pro4x with JBA headers, dual 40s, uprev and a CAI.

Question is this:

I have been getting the dreaded p0174, pA103, not at the same time just off and on. Currently have the P0174 (fuel sys lean bank 2)

changed all AFR/o2 sensors
cleaned MAF
ran smoke machine to see if i have a vacuum leak and exhaust leak
changed PCV

I am going crazy. the freeze frame data is as follows

STFT b1 25
LTFT b1 9.4

stft b2 000
ltft b2 9.4

IAT 71.6
MAF 0.7

725 rpm at the time of the fault.

truck seems ok at high speeds but still not as smooth as it should be, bogs down only in park and idle.
transmission also downshifts immediately

tranny has synthetic changed last week

truck has 162k miles.

I dont know what else to do
please help!:frown:
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