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Needing assistance diagnosing my Titan ECM.

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Good day!
So here's the issue with my 2008 nissan titan flex fuel 2wd.
I was driving home from working at the hospital and the pedal would not accelerate even when pushed down to the floor. Truck was still running (had check engine light) so I coasted into the gas station. Shut the truck off and attempted to turn it back on. Got a crank with no start. The security key light solid. No check engine light.

I tested all fuses. I checked all relays. I changed the ipdm with a junkyard box. Tested pin 119 and 120 with ecm hooked up and im getting power. Am I missing something or do I need to buy a used ecm and reprogram it to the truck? Im willing to buy an autel to do this but wanted to test the ecm first to make sure its not my key chip or the bcm or the ignition switch.

I am not getting coms with ECM on the can when hooking up my cheaper model scanner. Got any other checks I should do to help direct to the problem? I have the regular white box idpm. Truck has no mods or changes to the factory setup. Thanks to all those titan gurus out there.
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