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New looks on the site.

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I really like the two scrolling columns on the sides of the screen. Looks real nice. Also, What does it take to qualify for the story of the day? I've never seen it have anything on it. Keep up the good work with the site. Lord knows it's more active than Think that I'll delete it off my favorites and add
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Thanks for the compliments. We really need to get more info up for people on the Titan. I really would like to see it get busier. As far as Big Story of Today, basically its the most read story that is posted on an individual day. If I were to post more than one a day, which I have been a little too busy lately to do, then the one people read the most would be the Big Story.
If any of you happen upon some important Titan news or something you think most people would find interesting then send me a link or the info and I will post the article on the front page if it seems good.
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