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hello everyone
just purchased a titan xe 4x4 sat. will take delivery on wed this week.found this board on sat and really like it.i drove every truck out there last week and could not believe the titan beat evey thing else hands down,cant wait till wed.i am a true car and truck enthusiast and am very active on the lincoln mk8 board also. i am a fairly knowledgable mechanic and with the mk8 engine being similar
(4.6ltr dohc all aluminum v8)hope to be able to contribute some info to this type powerplant(i need to start researching particulars for this new engine)i will be sending funds shortly to help out the board i think everyone should do this as these type forums provide valuable info that is hard to obtain elsewhere.
loking forward to being involved here and taking delivery of my new truck.
93lincoln mkviii
04titan 4x4
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welcome fastm8....Glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Make sure to post some pics of your new truck as soon as you get it..
Welcome fastmk8, I like your attitude! You sound to me like you will be a valueable member of our little community. Post often!
Hey there fastmk8. I am always glad to hear that another mechanic joined the forum. Can't wait to hear what kind of performance mods you come up with. :D
Welcome to Club Titan, fastmk8!! It's great to have you here. I am afraid I know next-to-nothing about trucks, but I love riding in M4CK's new Titan :) Me myself, I'm a granny driver. I drive a Volvo. Hubby says I can drive his Titan whenever I want, but that thing is too big for me to even PARK 8O And Heaven help if I try to back up in it. It needs the loud beeping noise that they have on the UPS and FedX trucks. Because I am one horrible backer-upper, LOL :) It doesn't help that I'm 5'4" tall, and pretty much need a child safety seat just to see over the steering wheel 8O !! But when I'm just out driving it on the highway, I love it!! Other times, I let hubby drive. I'm more of a passenger kinda gal anyways :)

ANYWAYS, I'm a chatterbox, so I'll hush now!! Just wanted to welcome you aboard!! Sounds like you will have a lot of great info to share with the other members!! Can't wait to see a picture of your new Titan!!
Welcome aboard Fastmk8. It is good to see another mechanic. Always nice to have someone us non gear-heads can ask dumb questions to. I hope you enjoy your time on this site and definately get your pictures in the gallery. Even though they pretty much are all the same I just love to look at the different rides. Also please document and take pictures of any mods you decide to make we love to see those kind of things. Helps us non mechanically inclined folks to do these projecs ourselves.
Thanks again for joining our little club and have fun with your new truck.
thanks everyone for the nice welcome cant wait till wed. to pick it up. :wink:
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