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New Titan, No Hitch I Have a Question for You Guys

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I've read all the info on the site about wiring harnesses etc. I have found a steal on a new 04 SE Crew Cab, the only thing is no hitch. It has everything else I want on it. What I need to know is if I buy a Nissan OEM hitch will I have to buy anything else to get the hitch wired for trailer lights. Does it come with everything and where does it plug up etc. I need all the details I can get. Thanks in advance.
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I too bought A titan with out a trailer hitch.The info that I found out is you can get the wireing loom off of the internet and also the trailer hitch itself.The only thing you cant get is the realys that go in the engine compartment. The plug is underneath the rear bumper, it has A protective cover over it to keep the dirt out of it. Just pop it off and plug in your wire loom and plug in your relays(2 of them) and your ready to tow.
Sounds real simple. I found The trailer hitch for 138 bucks plus the wire loom for 32 bucks at
Hope this helps....
I do believe that if you buy the OEM hitch, you'll get the wiring stuff too. But you should ask the dealership for sure. Don't forget about the relays.
See the thread on "Trailer Hitch" posted on Thu Nov 18. This should answer some of your questions
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