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I just bought my Titan, I have been scrolling the forum for about 2 weeks now not registered and read a lot about all the articles on suspension lifts and coil-overs etc. So I just found out after painfully searching under my car for a logo and comparing google images to my undercarriage that it has a Pro Comp Stage 1 lift (6'' in front, 3'' in back). From the looks of the rear shocks (white and no markings) I think they are stock and they feel horrible, and the fronts do not feel any better (they are back and I assume stock as well). So is there exist a good coil over/shock package that wont cost me an arm and a leg? I just bought a house and cash is tight! I appreciate it and I know some of you will say go check with PRG, i have looked there a bit but was wanting to know if there was something good yet a little less pricey than these $1k set ups.

Thanks and glad to be a member of the forum!
Braden Morris
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