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Hello, all!

Wanted to say thanks for a bunch of ideas, AND some considerations in making my ultimate selection. Own an '06 Titan SE Crew in Galaxy Black, bought 3 weeks ago.

So far, I have changed out the internal LED's (doors, domes), added fogs with chrome trim, swapped out oem head and tail lights for blacked euro projectors up front and black euro tails out back, did the rear diff mod, added S&B CAI, Flowmaster American Thunder duals, and the Bullydog GT. I did the "helper spring" traction mod just this afternoon (that was SWEET!). She growls and prowls. (As info, I usually tinker with 1911's, AR-15's, and I bladesmith on the side. So the Titan is a latest hobby.) Been reading Prerunner Greg's stuff on leveling and shocks, and it seems like Bilsteins are in my future. I definitely want the best handling and ride possible for the wife. Then it will be TIRES...the Bullydog should come with dang tire coupons! lol.

I want to thank ALL of you for putting together such a comprehensive and well-formatted forum.

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