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Hello folks ... Found this place while searching the web for some ad ons for my sweet new truck:)

I was origionally looking at buying a f-150 and well on the way back from the ford dealer i decide to stop at the nissan lot and just take a look .. Some poor ford salesman is wishing i never stepped foot on that nissan lot :) The very next day i went in and bought my Awsome red titon king cab :) THe ford salesmen has been calling me 3 and 4 times a day trying to get me to come in and finish the deal ... poor fella

I never had seen or heard of the titon till the night i walked onto that nissan lot and was like OMFG!!!!!!!!!! what the hell is that its awsome and after i picked up my jaw and wiped the drool off of the titan i had been looking at .. i went home and looked up everything i could on the net about the titon and ALL of it was good.. So monday i went in and test drove one and bought it :)

Havent seen any other titons in the town i live in but boy it sure does turn alot of heads!!!!!

Anyone know where i could find a nice SHowbar/rollbar for a titon?
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Hey there Screppy Doo!!! Glad you found us and glad you found your local Nissan dealer. I bet it was a suprise when you frst laid eyes on the massive Titan.

I too was looking at the F150. Having been a ford owner for yars, I was not impressed with the 04 Ford. I then started looking at the Dodge and Toyota's, but when I heard that Nissan was comming out with a full size, I postponed my shopping.

My Nissan dealer was tired of seeing me. I stopped in every time I drove by the dealership to see when they would get them in stock. I drove the sdales people nuts.

Anyway, congrats on your new Titan and hope you find this site helpfull. If you have any questions, just ask.
Welcome aboard scrappy you have just found the Nissan Titan site with the nicest and most helpfull members. We have a really great crowd here and are growing every day. Make sure you add your pictures of the new Titan to our gallery. I look forward to seeing them. Now start the mods.

WEll if anyone can point me to a rollbar that will fit this truck My rollbars off my old dodge will not fit :*(

And a question .. my radio has the satelite button on the radio .. can i add the antenna and receiver ? like say will any xm receiver work .. i have the pioneer XM receiver that i had plugged into my old trucks radio

And in the process of trying to design a speaker box that will allow me to use my Cerwin vega stroker 12s without losing the eentire back seat :) I should be able to accomplish it .. Managed to fit 2 15s in a extended cab ranger and still have pleanty of leg room :) Not much of a back seat in those anyways but once im done ill be sure and share some pics :)

WIll post some pucs of my truck in the gallary soon i promise
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