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Nissan Titan Y-Pipe

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Does anyone know if there is a y-pipe that can be bought separately instead of buying a complete exhaust system
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What exactly are you looking to do with your exhaust then maybe I can help ya.
I know that Gibson makes a Y-Pipe that bolts on behind the cat. I was wondering if this could be bought separately from the complete exhaust system.
Don't know of a specific Y pipe for the Titan but yes you can purchase them seperately.
There is not a single y-pipe on summit racing for the nissan titan. I have a flowmaster muffler and plan to install JBA headers eventually. I just need to find a y-pipe that bolts directly up to the back of the cats so I do not have to spend 450 dollars or more on a complete exhaust system
Any decent muffler shop should be able to make a Ypipe that will fit your exact specs. I wouldn't think it would be too much either. But right now its gonna be hard to find anything made specifically for the Titan seeing as its still very new to the aftermarket.
I e-mailed Gibson a while back asking about a y pipe being sold seperate from a kit.....they recomended going to a muffler shop to get one made.
Gibson absolutely will not sell their Y-Pipe apart from their cat-back systems......believe me, I tried. I didn't check to see if Banks would sell just their y-pipe. I'm guessing not, though.

I had my local shop custom fab one for me while installing my new Aero-Turbine muff & reso a few days ago. They ran (2) 2.5" into single 3". Mandrel bent would be better, but for that small amount of pipe, I don't think you'd see much difference, if any. Cost was around $150.



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How bout some sound clips RockyMtnTitan
Thanks, M4ck for putting up the soundclips of my Aero-Turbine exhaust for everyone. Let me know what you guys think.Here are the links:

(Inside cab, normal driving) In Cab Sound Clip-1.MP3

(Inside cab, Rompin on it) In Cab Sound Clip-2.MP3

(Outside rear of truck about 4 ft from tailpipe) Outside Sound Clip.MP3


It would not play for me?????
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