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So, I have a 05 Nissan titan EXT the truck has no heat coming into the cab I replaced the heater door actuator and it's not the heater valve because the coolant is passing through it. it's not the heater core because I did a heater core flush, and it went through with no problem. There are no particulars in in the heater core no signs of leaking in the heater core no sweet smell inside the truck or outside of it. I don't see a coolant leak anywhere, but I have recently been adding a good amount of coolant in it but isn't going to oil because it's been normal and not milky. I do believe that there is something changes the setting underneath the dash on the passenger side because I check the hoses from the heater core and the inlet side of the heater core is hot and the outlet is cold but again the heater core isn't clogged but the temperature of the engine is fine no overheating the heating up process is about 10 minutes just sitting there and still no heat
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