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Hey Everyone.

I'm attempting to diagnose a new issue with my 06 Titan SE CC. I installed the OEM fog light kit from Nissan with the new stalk for trucks w/o auto headlights. Install went quickly but the lights don't work.

What I've done so far:

Tried to use a test light on the plugs with no success. The plugs don't light the test light. Tested my light with success. It works. :)

Tested the fuses with a test light. According to the Nissan Lighting System manual, when the key is turned to "on", the CPU of the IPDM E/R grounds the coil side of the front fog lamp relay, which then directs power through the 20A fuse (no. 56). Fuse 56 will not light up currently, even with the key in the on position. Tonight, I'm pulling the IPDM and replacing the fog lamp relay and then reinstalling (thanks Nissan for making this easy to get to). If I'm thinking about this correctly, that should give me power to fuse 56 and then on down the line to the fog lights. Any suggestions? Does this sound right?
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