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No Powerdyne SC's

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I e-mailed powerdyne, who makes Supercharger kits for other vehicles, and was told "NO and we're probably not going to in the future either, but you can check back at a later date".

Nice reply, very customer orientated I can see... :roll: Oh well, their loss because I think whoever comes out with one first will have great success and the market cornered for some time...
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Well Dale, I for one will most probably be a customer of whatever company comes out with first SC for titan :D Guess we will just need to keep waiting :cry:
I hear you Bixll, hard to explain. There is nothing like the feeling of making a mod and then take it out on street and feel the butt dyno say "Oh yeah!!"
Two days ago, I was coming home from work and this jerk (******* here in FL) in a powerstroke 250 kept riding right next to me in next lane. He kept "goosing" it. I am sure he was thinking, damn japenese truck doesnt have anything under hood. Well I am not the street racing type but I finally had enough and goosed it right at that sweet 40mph spot. He tried his best but in a matter of seconds I had several truck lengths on him. I looked in rear view mirror and saw a bunch of diesal exhaust bellowing out, he was trying. Maybe next time he wont take on a titan and get embarassed by a "japenese truck". :p
Anyway, just another reason I love finding hidden power!!
I find it funny. If my truck had come with 250 hp I would want more. My truck comes with 305 hp and I still want more. What is really funny though is if it had 450hp I know that I would still want a little more. Seems like a neverending cycle. Will it ever end.
Well I sure hope not.
kind of like booty calls........the more you get the more you want. :D
I have appearantly outgrown that stuff to a point! Used to be I would jump on it just for something to do! Now I am a lot more mellow, don't want to break anything I guess?
hey Bill, are you referring to Trucks or booty calls.. :lol:
Unfortunatly......BOTH!!! :?

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