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Not that you would..But if you could ............

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Ok hypothetical question here. If you could change anything about the Titan what would it be? Bigger engine? Larger seats? Wider bed? Bigger tires? What would you change if you were a Nissan engineer and could change anything you wanted about the Titan.
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I would make a powered rear sliding window standard and design a better rear suspension with horizontal shocks to prevent the excessive axle wind-up that plagues these trucks.
Power rear window, a true LSD - not this Nissan torque crap.
make the dash and interior less prone to scratching.
I wish the spray in liner was tuffer. I just put a couple of pieces of fire wood in the bed and the liner scratched down to the paint. A Linex or Rhino would have been better.
Make the sunroof optional for the SE. I'm still looking at buying a SE CC soon(have to talk the wife into it :lol: ). The only thing that I see the sunroof on the LE. 8O
Welcome aboard RCflier I have an XE so I really don't have any options. I will put in all the stuff I want which really aint much.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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