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Opinions needed on my situation:

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Hi all,
Here is where i stand on my passenger airbag situation. The GM of dealer and service manager personally witnessed that the light would stay on even though my 120 pound wife was sitting properly in seat and not moving. GM told the service manager to order me a whole new passenger seat bottom with sensor. I got a call today from GM who stated the seat bottom is on national backorder!!! :? So heres my question. If I want, they have to provide me with a loaner until my seat is fixed. Do I go ahead and give them my truck and take loaner or keep mine. Mind you, that previous experience from another guy on different forum resulted in inability of Nissan to fix the problem and resulted in a buyback. But part of lemon law is "30 days out of service" so for me to start that cycle I would need to hand over my vehicle and take loaner. Obviously I am a little apprehensive to give them my truck to just sit in parking lot but not sure which will be better move for me at this point. This constant backorder stuff is getting old.

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Mike take the loaner. Not only will you be one step closer if you do have have it bought back "lemon law" but you will also be saving wear and tear on your truck for the amount of time it takes to get it fixed. Plus no miles on your truck for a while. Just go visit it every once in a while and crank her up and let her run. I would take the loaner if it were me.
Mike, I agree with M4ck, Not to mention the fact that if you have his vehicle, I think he would be a little more anxious to get yours back to you. I believe Nissan policy is if you have a truck, they have to give you a truck as loaner also. Make them give you a truck, even if it is not a Nissan!
Yeh tell them you have to have a truck for work. That will do it.
Make them give you a truck, even if it is not a Nissan!
Then beat the pis* out of it!
thats what my gut is telling me but I think you guys know how much heart I have put in to "personalizing it". Hard to let it go. I am not a nit picker, matter of fact, I only recently had my radio fade issue addressed because I told them, just whenever they have time. I love the truck and would probably replace it with another, just one that my wifes airbag will work. The airbag issue just is something I can't ignore. Its hard to understand their what seems constant backorder problem on certain items.
As wide spread as the air bag issue is I imagine they are having a really tough time getting them out to dealers fast enough. I have been hearing about this issue for a while now. See if they get it fixed for you if not then let them buy it back or work out a trade for an 05 hehe now that would be the thing to do.
I really think this is issue is going to eventually lead to same recall as quest van has going now (they are having same problem).
I still say take his vehicle, it would light a fire to get your truck done!
I think I will, just understand due to previous problems with dealer there almost some distrust about what will happen to mine in their possession. Before anyone says "thats crazy"; I am telling you the GM is first one to seem to give a dang and that was only after a letter from attorney.
I think he now wants to do right thing and is definetly keeping me posted on situation so these are good signs.
I will demand a truck as it is fishing season here for me :) . Well at least in between hurricanes. Will be hard to just leave it sitting on parking lot but I guess it is what needs to be done...
It may hurt, but I think your making a wise decision! Record mileage, fuel levels, and take a few pics if your not trusting them, before you give it to them. It would not be a bad thing for them to see you recording mileage either!
Good idea Bill,
I will take some pics of odometer with date and time (right before I hand it over) that should keep them honest on that part.

You guys know what really sucks??? I have a roll bak, power mirrors and chrome bumper in garage ready to mount. Obviously not knowing outcome, they will not be put on truck yet.

These were bixll kinda mods too!!!!! :cry:
These were bixll kinda mods too!!!!!
You are really comming around! I am sooooo proud of you!!!!! :oops:
To ease your pain you could send the items to me and I will use them till you need them back. LOL That way they arent sitting there being wasted or getting rusty.
M4ck (I'm always looking to help someone out you know)
I am very lucky to have friends like you guys!!! I knew you were looking out for me. :p

Bixll, forgot to tell you, I had an appointment to do another muffler mod in morning so there was one engine mod ready to happen as well. I'm sorry!!!! :lol:
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