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Well I purchased this Tonneau Cover about 3 years ago after I got my Titan.

Initially: it was a easy install (need a second pair of hands as I built it on the ground and put it on very easy)

I have since put about 43k miles on my truck since I bought this Tonneau, I have cared for the Tonneau the way mention by Pace Edwards and have re-aligned and taking it off and re-installed it once due to it not aligning properly. Not a big deal as it still works fine.

Hardware The hardware that holds this together is fairly cheap and can rust (all the screws are starting to rust)

Look the cover fades after wash, I've washed it tried various things to keep it clean and shiny but nothing works its just faded and a little dull.

Overall the cover is in good shape after 3 years its a little bit of a nuisance at times with it not fitting or aligning properly.

IF I had to purchase a Tonneau cover all over again I'd highly consider this one as its quite a nice look, and fairly durable (had 2.5' of snow on it a hand full of times before I was able to clean it off)
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