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Ever since I test drove my first Titan, I've been enamored by the Heavy Metal Chrome versions. When I found the right truck at the right price, it wasn't a HMC, but I've pretty added everything that would have been chrome and then some. The only thing missing has been some nice shiny chrome. Today, I got it done!

  • Raceline 930C "Shift" in 18x9 with 0 offset
  • Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 in 295/70R18
  • 3" Rough Country lift
  • Removed factory mud guards
  • Need to do the Pinch Weld Mod
I decided to downsize the wheels to 18" from the factory 20" wheels. I just think smaller wheels with meatier tires look better on a truck. Plus, the wheels and tires cost less in 18". Not to mention the softer ride you get with more rubber and less metal between you and the road.

Not only did I downsize the wheels, but I went from a 33" tire to a 34.6" tire. Altogether, it's a much more brawny look. I figured I would get a little rubbing without any modifications, and I was right. I went ahead and removed the factory mud guards before my installation appointment at Discount Tire. I'm getting some light rubbing at the pinch weld are when I turn the wheels full lock. I'll be doing a front brake job in the next few days, so I'll perform the PWM while I have the wheels off.

The 0 offset pushes the tires out just enough, in my opinion. The actual tread is just flush with the OEM fender flares and the sidewalls bulge out just a bit. The wheel wells look filled without having a weird "stanced" look. I know this setup will fling more road crud up the side of the truck, but it won't be as bad as if I had 2 inches of tread outside the wheel wells.



Side views:

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