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I live in Belgium, and Titans are not really common over here. We bought it 3 weeks ago and found a few things that will need to be replaced since the previous owner didn't care for it to function all (small accident car):

It's a 2005 Nissan Titan LE 2WD, with grey "leather-look" interior and we are looking these parts:

- The driver side mirror (big tow, chrome)
- ABS-sensor (need to find out which one, is this possible with odb?)
- The litle finish plate for the center console behind the gear stick and before the center box
- The interior lights in all doorpanels, is it common they are gone/corroded?
- The seat memory buttons in the driver side doorpanel. ( 1/2/set with cable?)

Since we don't have that many of these cars running around here i'm looking on this forum and hope someone can help me out. Shipping will be to Belgium or maybe there is some family in Wyoming that might bring just a few things with them this summer.

Thank you,

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