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Soon after buying my new Titan in 2005 I replaced the front map light bulbs with PIAA T6 Xtreme Whites and the improvement in both utility and appearance was huge. Ever since then I've wanted to replace all the interior bulbs but was never able to find a definitive cross reference. I know now that the required bulbs were not all available from PIAA until recently. Today PIAA makes them all in Xtreme White except the front park/turn lamp (PIAA makes no amber bulbs). I prefer the simplicity and plug and play of incandescent over LED and have made this reference for those of you who share that opinion.

Your Owners Manual (pg 8-26) lists 12 different bulb types, however I've confirmed that Type 168(5Watt wedge) is a replacement for Type 194(3.8W) and Type 158(3.4W). All bulbs below are 4,000k Xtreme White in color which is an intense white with a hint of blue.

EXTERIOR - From Titan manual (Replacement)
High Beam: HB3-9005, 60W (PIAA HB3-9005 60W=120W, 4000k)
Low Beam: HB4-9006, 51W (PIAA HB4-9006 51W=115W, 4000k)
Fog Lamp: 899, 37.5W (PIAA 880 27W=50W, 4000k)
Rear Turn: 3156, 27W (PIAA 27W, 4000k)
Stop/Tail: 3157, 27W/7W (PIAA 27W/8W, 4000k)
Backup/Tailgate: 921, 16W (PIAA 921 18W, 4000k) also replaces W2 & 912
License Plate: 168, 5W (PIAA 168 5W, 4000k) also replaces 194 & 158
Front Turn/Park: 3157A 27W/7W (Nokya 3157 Hyper Amber Pro)

INTERIOR - From Titan manual (Replacement)
Front Map: T6 Wattage unstated (PIAA T6 10W, 4000k)
Foot Wells: 158 3.4W (PIAA 168 5W 4000k)
Glovebox: 158 3.4W (PIAA 168 5W 4000k)
Step/Courtesy: 194 3.8W (PIAA 168 5W 4000k)
Rear Reading: Unlisted (PIAA 168 5W 4000k)

1ea PIAA HB4-9006 Twin Pack, PN 19616
1ea PIAA HB3-9005 Twin Pack, PN 19615
1ea PIAA 880 Twin Pack, PN 18880 (Single Pack, PN 18881)
2ea Nokya 3157 Hyper Amber Pro Single Pack, PN NOK6290
1ea PIAA 3156 Twin Pack, PN 19294
1ea PIAA 3157 Twin Pack, PN 19295
1ea PIAA 921 Twin Pack, PN 19224
7ea PIAA 168 Twin Pack, PN 19172

I ordered all of the above plus at least 1 spare of each for $314. I chose Amazon since they had great pricing, every part, and free shipping. I live in Oregon (no sales tax) so it was a no brainer. However Amazon must charge sales tax, so if you live in a sales tax state you may want to weigh shipping against sales tax. also has all parts, good pricing, and don't charge sales tax outside NJ, but they wanted to charge $6.50 shipping on a $7.49 part.

Hope this helps!
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