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Please Help me decide on In channel or Stick on vent visors

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I found these In channel on ebay
If this is a good deal and any of you have used these I will get them. Seems cheap but that could be because they are. Let me know what you think I believe I'm gonna get in channel. If any of you have ordered from this person let me know as well.
29 for these seems good. Most others are 40 or more. I dont know what brand they are though. It doesn't say.
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I have these same window visors for my crew cab, and for the money they were a great purchase. They've only been on a month or so, but that's been several mud baths, rain storms, and car washes. The only minor gripe I have about them is that when you roll the window up, they will squeek for a few seconds if you are driving as they "settle" They never squeek with the windows up going down the highway or anything like that and I haven't noticed any extra wind noise or anything. If you can get over the few seconds of noise when you first roll the windows up, they are a great product. The noise does seem to be getting less and less as the weeks go by.
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