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Choose the location of the 2013 East Coast Nissan Truck Meet

  • Daytona, FL

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  • Helen, GA

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  • Old Town (Kissimmee), FL

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  • Other: Please post in the thread your other location.

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It's time!

Here's your chance to vote on which location(s) would you drive to to attend an East Coast Meet.

Here's the deal. The first location to get 75 votes will be the winner. (Why 75? We assume losing about 20% to last minute changes.) You can choose as many options as you want.

To help us understand where you all would be coming from, once you vote, please post up on the thread that you voted and what city you are coming from as a starting point.

This poll will be posted on other Titan Forums and duplicates will be eliminated to get a more accurate count.

This will help us map out where people are.
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