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Ram Air for the Titan?

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Can this be used in the Titan. It came up as universal fit when I was searching for Nissan Titan Intakes at there site. If this is any good and you think it will work good. I might give it a try. MikeZ JetTech you guys tell me what you think. You know I'm not a gear head I need advice.
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Not really sure Josh, may be good.I believe The only ram air specifically fitted for titan so far is the Volant. But they only make the ram part for the XE.
Dang, now Im thinkin more and more about that Volant. Cause I have an XE.
The one huge drawback concerning the Volant is of course price and the price of the ram-air kit. I'm still a little leery about ram-air kits that suck outside air from the lower bumper area. The overall intention is great which is to get colder outside air into the engine while having a slight ram-air effect but my main concern is water and how it deals with it.

I've hit several deep puddles and have noticed the water completely covers the fender and rolls up onto the windshield, now yes I'm talking a pretty deep puddle but water ingestion still concerns me. I think I'd let someone else be the guinea pig on this one..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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