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I received a Ready Remote Start system as a Christmas gift... In the box still,, Model 24921.. I haven't opened it yet.. I have install a few remote systems in the past years.. The install is not my concern and the systems have all worked properly for many years..

I am interested in making this system operate off of the factory remote fobs.. I have read that some systems will do this but I am not sure if this one of them.. I would hate to loose the window opening operation that the stock remote allows me to perform..

In past installs I have had to add relays to ignition circuit and even the ignition key ID. override or bypass box..

I am aware some additional items will be needed for the install but I would like to get all my parts before starting job..

I am interested in having remote system operate properly from my current remotes without affecting operation of factory alarm system or affecting proper operation of vehicle..

If anyone has input please let me know..
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