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I'm wondering if someone could help me. I have an '05 Crew Cab that's got some miles and I've taken on as a hobby car to restore. It's got a sunroof that's developed a leak into the interior such that after it rains, the interior hood liner is damp and for days afterwards the inside surfaces have condensed water on them. I cleared the weep holes but I think it's still leaking. Plus, there's now a mildew smell inside. Since it needs to be done anyway, I'm just going to remove the roof liner and either have it cleaned/disinfected or replaced and I figure I can ensure the leak is, in fact, gone. But I'm not 100% sure how to remove the liner. This Titan has all the bells and whistles available at the time, including side airbags, so I don't want to just start removing bolts and screws and muck it up. Can anyone tell me the steps I should follow or direct me to like a video on it? I didn't see anything on the forum that could help.
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